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About Us

PawMeo, was founded in 2022 by Jeff Hsu ( Taiwanese ) and Aki Chong. We go the extra mile into putting care in our products which are scientifically-backed and cooperate with Taiwan Veterinary vetted ingredients to help you proactively care for your pets. Pawbiotic + Fur Booster is probiotic that are Simple, Effective and Tasty for your FURMILY.


In 2015, the couple welcomed Romeo, a Shiba Inu, into their family.


Unfortunately, Romeo had an unknown heart issue and was taken to many well-known veterinary clinics, yet, unable to diagnose the cause of the health issue. After seven years of much joy, laughter and quality-time spent, Romeo sadly left us.


Our love for Romeo will never fade even though he is not here, he will always be in our heart.


From this profound experience, it led us to our company motto of “Allowing pets to stay with us a few more years”, which founded our current company, Pawmeo.


Pawmeo is Romeo’s continued legacy.


Show your furry companion that extra love by starting with a healthy diet today.


May your furry companion grow old together with you healthily.



PawMeo 寵物產品專業公司,成立於2022年,由創辦人Jeff Hsu 跟Aki Chong 聯合創辦 。創立PawMeo的初衷其實也跟大多數寵物愛好者一樣,因為感受到寵物給我們最純粹的愛開始,因此我们與台湾的宠物博士一起研發了一系列對寵物有益健康的产品。


在2015年夫婦兩將第一隻一起飼養的寵物 ( 柴犬 Romeo )帶進了家庭跟生活 在這段期間跟Romeo一起學習一起成長一起經歷最美好的時光,可惜無法找到原因的心臟疾病(試過幾家最好的醫院跟醫生都無法找出治療方法)Romeo 7歲的時候永遠的離開了我們身邊。


對我們而言對RoMeo的愛不會因為RoMeo的離開而消失,他將永遠活在我們的記憶跟心裏 。


PawMeo 就是RoMeo 的諧音並要讓創辦人永遠不忘初衷。有了這深刻的經歷 “讓寵物健康的陪我們慢慢變老”成為了創立PawMeo 寵物產品公司的宗旨。





We will LOVE & MISS you always. My Furmily 

shiba inu

Meet the Pawgie & Meoty

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